Student Support Services

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As per Standard 6 of National Code 2018, Grenfell Institute of Technology Australia shall offer reasonable support to overseas students to enable them to achieve expected learning outcomes regardless of the overseas students’ place of study or the mode of study of the course, at no additional cost to the overseas student. Grenfell Institute of Technology Australia provides an opportunity for students to access welfare-related support services to assist with issues that may arise during their study, including course progress and attendance requirements and accommodation issues. These services are free of cost.

Grenfell Institute of Technology Australia aims to identify and respond to the learning needs of all students. Diverse student learning needs are catered to and students are encouraged to express their views about their learning needs at all stages of their learning experience from the initial counselling to the enrolment stage. All support services on-campus are free of charge. Some referred services external to Grenfell Institute of Technology Australia may come at a charge determined by the provider of the service. All referrals to external agencies are arranged by the college free of cost.

Student Administration and Student Support Services are located at Main Campus Level 17/ 45 Grenfell Street, Adelaide, South Australia 5000 which serves as students’ first point of contact for any queries.

Stress, financial difficulties, health, family, relationship issues and social issues can all affect your ability to settle into study. If your studies are being affected by these kinds of issues, please speak with your trainer or any of our staff members, so that we can assist you. External counselling will be available for students seeking further assistance. Referral of counselling support services with external counsellor will be at no cost to student.

We carefully monitor course progress to ensure students do not fall behind course requirements, because we want our students to succeed. Where a student has been identified as not attending consecutive classes and has not satisfactorily completed assessments, they will be contacted for support needs or any barriers to learning and meetings will be conducted where necessary. Intervention strategies are then put in place to assist students to achieve the study goal they initially set out to attain. If you are having any difficulties, we ask that you contact student services at the earliest opportunity so that we can support you in the best way possible.


  • Learning pathways and possible RPL opportunities
  • Access and equity issues
  • Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) support
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Course progress and attendance
  • Appeals /conflict resolution
  • Provision for special learning needs
  • Provision for special cultural and religious needs
  • Emergency and health services
  • Education and career counselling
  • Assistance when applying for credit transfer and RPL
  • Stress management
  • Any other issues